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The Wonderful World of Butterflies and Donkeys

     Fairy - Click image to download.           +           Donkey stands - Click image to download.   


Alright bitches, here we are. Da Dum!!!! We were bored so we decided to make this website. Now listen, we don't have much crap to put on here so bare with us. And you better like it or we will cry. We've never done this before so we don't wanna hear any NAY saying. We wanna see you do better. YOU create something!!!


Alright, in this section...we are suppose to introduce ourselves. So, I am Carrie and that over there is Kristen. We are the baddest chickens (not like those of you who know us, don't already know that). We like to have some fun every once in awhile but "every once in awhile" doesn't happen very often. So as a result, we have to do stuff like this. Did I mention, you better like it???
Stars - Click image to download.Stars - Click image to download.Stars - Click image to download.Stars - Click image to download.Stars - Click image to download.


Stars - Click image to download.Stars - Click image to download.Stars - Click image to download.Stars - Click image to download.Stars - Click image to download..


We're Confused

So yea, get this. We are sitting here like two fools trying to figure out why we can't get anything over on the right side of this damn website. I mean, just look over there. Take a quick glance. It's all black and stuff and that's pretty shitty. We know that you were wondering what the hell we were thinking so we decided to not look unbelieveably stoopid and tell you guys of our disability. Just like it anyway, okay? Thank you.

Okay, ya see...we thought we had it all figured out. We thought we were filling in the "blanks" but's just making this stupid page longer. WE ARE STILL STOOPID!!!! Hooray!!!! Life would suck without us and you know it! JUST LIKE IT!!!!
YAY!!! You all probably think we are slow or something but here's the haps. Okay, so yesterday we couldn't figure out how to get words and stuff over on the right, ya know? Well today, we figured out that all we had to do was change the layout of the page. But, then we figured we'd have to delete the "We're Confused" part of it and we really didn't want to so instead, we are explaining to you guys what happened. We hope you appreciate our honesty. We don't really care if we come off a little bit slow. Better late then never, right?

Okay, this one is going to take some explaining. Ya see, for my birtday, I got a new digital camera and we were playing with it. Well, ya see, we started getting pictures with weird objects in them and thought they were ghosts...just to find out, that it was only the NIGHT VISION. Yea, chuckle to yourselves all you want, you're stupid too! Anyway, we turned off all the lights and I took that picture and...well, it speaks for itself. But you should know...Kristen is afraid of the dark and afraid of giant tomatoes.


Here's me on my 22nd Birthday. I like to cheese all crazy. I like cheese. I like Cheddar Cheese. Chester Cheetah Chewed a Chunk of Cheap, Chedder Cheese. (Right Jess??) And THAT, my friends, is why I like cheese. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!   
                      Cheese - Click image to download.


hree we are ta the bra getiting drank> wE relaly neaded two ppppppppppppppp? SO htats what ew idd.....we pppppppppppppppppppp?d. Adn/ I myeslf, Acrrie likced Krstinen'''s acef. AHAHAHAHAAAAHH@@@@


 Clerfairies - Click image to download.


We don't wanna get in touch with people.

These are my titties  (  .  )(  .  )    These are my other titties  ( . )( . )