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Jimmy Poo Poo Pants

So here's the deal. We were making this site and Jimmy was in the room playing Nascar all by himself. Jimmy loves Nascar. He's a hillybilly. Anyway, we didn't want him to feel sad or unloved so we gave him his own page. YAY! He's so special. Here's Jimmy.

animated gifs.
I had to put this on just for Jimmy because he loves Nascar.


Here's Jimmy doing something he usually doesn't do. He's not the dancing type of guy and now, you all see why. HA HA. He tries though and that's all that counts. He's a good tryer. I mean, he puts his best foot first.....just look at the face he's making. That's the face of a hard working tryer.





.I had to throw these two in there....he loves their movies...

This was us on my birthday. Don't we look so cute together???


Me and Jimmy the day before my birthday. *Starts to hum....Can you feel the love tonight?*


Here's Jimmy again. Now, we made the picture bigger then we normally would have but you just have to scroll over to get the full picture. I mean, look at that face. That's the face of a winner. No, really...he's the winner. He was playing some word game at the bar and he came in first. YAY! Good going Jimmy!!!!! Woooooooooo woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!


.  We had to include this too because everyone knows just how much Jimmy loves his Soccer!!!                   


Jimmy feeding baby Gavin. Awwww....isn't he just the sweetest guy???

These are my titties  (  .  )(  .  )    These are my other titties  ( . )( . )