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Dedicated To Carrie


I wanted to dedicate this page to my bestest friend in the whole widest world, Carrie. I know most of this site is rater funny stuff, but I thought I would add a serious...well not serious but well I can't think of the word but you know what I mean.
Me and Carrie met in sophmore year (7 years I feel old) and from the very first conversation we had there was an instant friendship there. I seriously think God wanted us to be friends and go figure we met in religion class. In the begining of our friendship we were eachothers therapist, you tell me your problems, I will tell you my problems and we will try to find a way to fix them together. But like I said even from the begining there wasa very strog bond.
Carrie you have always been like the sister I never had. I consider you more my family then anyone else, even more than the people in my family. You have helped me out so so so much over the years and helped me find the person I really am. Jeez if it weren't for you I would still be that shy person who goes by every elses rules. And I wouldn't be as unique as A am today :). You have been there with me through the best and worst times and I just wanted to say Thank You! Not just for being there for me, but for everything. You have given me a place to stay when times get hard and pretty much been my provider for the past year and have been the best friend a chick could ever have. I know I have let you down sometimes in the past and I just wanted to say sorry for all that. I think we got through all that because the type of friendship that we have we don't let petty bullshit effect us. So i just wanted to say thank you for our past, present, and future.
 I love you Dewie!


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