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Things NOT To Stick Up Your Butt

This thing, whatever it should NOT stick in your butt. It wouldn't be very pleasant. And it would probably get stuck. You'd look really stupid going to the ER with this thing in your butt. And leave the lady outta there too.
I don't advise that you stick controls, of any sort, up your butt either. They are awkwardly shaped, and who knows, you might accidentally unpause your video game.
I don't even have to say why you shouldn't stick this up your butt. I hope you are smart enough to not attempt it at home.
And what about this Panda Bear??? I mean, I'm sure there is at least one person in the world that would love the experience but c'mon people. That's just wrong.
This, my friends, is someone's garbage. You should NEVER stick someone's garbage up your butt. You could possibly get the next bird virus, for God's sake!!!!
Now, I know they might be the perfect shape to just smoosh up there but NO! NO KITCHEN UTENSILS up your butt!!!!
Yarn??? Seriously people. First of all, how would you even get it in there? And secondly, who wants poop on a rope??? No string or yarn of any kind should ever be friends with you butt.
That's just sick. People drink that stuff. No drinky drinky, up your butt.
You should never, ever stick your cat up your butt. As you can see from this picture, he doesn't like things over or on his head. Leave the poor thing outta there.
Self Explanitory on why you shouldn't stick fruit up your butt. And if you do, at least keep the peal on so it doesn't taste bad when you eat it. (Ewww.....Kristen)
Dale Jr. You should definately not stick him up your butt. Well, maybe you should cuz then you might be able to get some of his money and maybe get to go for a ride in the racecar. But don't get your hopes up...He never finishes better then 12th anyway. Bye Bye Victory Lane.
Toasters are a big no no. On top of being uncomfortable, you might even get a little bit of a zap down there.
Timmy would be sad. Just don't stick him in your butt, okay?
Bottom line, just don't stick stuff in your butt. It's the OUT door. Exit Only.

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