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  • There are about 28,000 known butterfly species throughout the world
  • Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees
  • As a caterpillar, they will increase up to several thousand times in size before pupating (process in which caterpillars transform into adult butterflies in a structure called a chrysalis )
  • What is the difference between MOTHS and BUTTERFLIES?????
  • MOTHS-- fly at night, have feathered antennae, and rest with their wings open
  • BUTTERFLIES-- Fly during the day, have knob-ended antennae, and rest with their wings closed


                butterfly animated gif                                              


Butterflies are my favorite thing in the whole entire world. I collect anything that has anything to do with butterflies. I just think they are so Pertie (Purr Tee). Don't you? I hoped you liked the little bit you might have learned from this page and if you didn't, at least there were a few pictures to look at, right???

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