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All About Cheese

Here People....we thought this might be something that everyone should know.....because everyone loves Cheese. And what happens if all the grocery stores stop selling cheese because it's in too high of a demand??? Then you will have to make your own here........Thank us later.



Cheese  Making Process


Soft curd

Firm curd


     Moulding and Pressing

Fresh and hard curd


    Ripening and maturation

The History of Cheese

Cheese was first made in the Middle East.

    The earliest type was a form of sour milk.

    Legend has it that cheese was found by an unknown Arab nomad.

He is said to have ridden a horse across the dessert with a saddlebag filled with milk.

He had been riding for several hours, when he stopped to have a drink, only to find that the milk had been parted into a white runny liquid & solid lumpy stuff!

   Because the saddlebag, which was made from the stomach of a young calf, contained curds and whey by the combination of the rennin, the scorching sun and the trotting motions of the horse. The nomad, unconcerned with technical details, found the whey drinkable and the curds edible.         

Cheese Snack    


 We surveyed our school to find out what their favorite recipe was.

 This graph shows that most of our school loves cheese on pizza.

 It is interesting to see that cheese slices are not popular in our school.



Alright all you Cheese Fans out there...that's all we could find for today. Check back regularly for more information on your favorite Dairy product. And if you are ever down and out, refer back to sing our Cheese song!!!!

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