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About Us....WE ROCK!!!!

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*cough cough* Alright, so, um, *chomps on gum like a cow* So Alright, so I'm 21 and you're 22. And we don't have jobs. We party the basement....all the time. There is really not much to tell because we don't really do stuff and when we do, we usually just dance. We like to dance. We dance all the time. You should come over and dance with us.
We love Billy Blanks! We like to Taebo it up. Well we used to until we stopped. We're gonna start again but that's hard. And after we Taebo it up, ya know what we do? We dance. And sometimes, we just dance for excersize cuz Billy needs a break too. He's getting old. You can see our dance styles on the previous page to learn more.

So, we grew up in houses. Different houses. Hard to believe that we didn't know each other for our whole lives, isn't it??? Yet, we probably still shared the same brain. We like brains sometimes. Most people think we are retarded but we don't care. They don't know how to have fun. What would the world be without people like us????

My Birthday present from Kristen




What a job!

In this picture, I was just sitting there, enjoying everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to me when Jimmy took this picture. Now, if you look behind me, Kristen is standing there with a frickin meat cleaver. She wants to chop my head off cuz she's mad that I'm 22 and she's still a shitty little 21 year old. And check out her eyes, if you can see them...they are all red and glowing...just like the DEVIL!!!! But, thank God she came to her senses and realized she'd really suck if she killed me.


Okay it is, all layed out for you on the table. This is me in my state of glory. I have so much fun dancing it up so hard. I mean, just look at those face. I look like that more when I try to dance, then I do when I try to sh...ah, nevermind.




And here, I am doing one of my most favorite things in the whole world. I'm annoying Rory. Now I know how much he loves my dancing so I decided to give him a close up look at my techniques here in this picture. He thought I was retarded. But oh well, can't please everyone, I guess.

Here, I am living the dream with my good friend, Jimmy. As you might already know, it's hard to try to get Jimmy to have some fun. He can be very anal sometimes. So that's why I love this picture. I was in awe...can you tell??? I mean, he's actually having a good time. Look at his face.

Our Cheesy Song

Melody: Sing it to the tune of: You're the One that I Want (from Grease)
We got Cheese, it's multiplyin. And we're losin control. For the cheese, they're supplyin, it's satisfyin.
We better shape up, cuz we some men and this cheese is making us fat. We better shape up, we better understand, that our cheese is really bad.
Really bad, really bad, really bad bad bad bad bad.
But Cheese is what we want. Do do do..cheesy. The cheese that we want, do do do...cheddar.


These are my titties  (  .  )(  .  )    These are my other titties  ( . )( . )